Photographs by Larry Vogel "Motion Picture Series" and "Water Works"

All the photographs in the Motion Picture Series are made while the camera and photographer are in motion. In an effort to create in a more spontaneous way Vogel made the images from a moving car, traveling at times near eighty miles per hour. As the photographer and camera move past the landscape, the camera is being panned at the same time. When the panning camera moves precisely with an object in view, the captured object will retain some degree of sharpness. Because objects nearer to the moving camera pass by at a much greater speed than distant objects, Vogel is able to isolate selective areas by their relative speed. The whole process is somewhat uncontrollable and requires hundreds of exposures just to capture a few successful frames. The transformation of the landscape is truly magical when all the elements come together. All images in the Motion Picture Series are available in various sizes and pricing.

The Water Works series are a combination of photography and digital artistry. Each image begins as a simple color landscape photograph. The final image is the result of digital manipulation in Photoshop. Vogel says, "Working with the digital medium, I find my ability to work with color and abstract imagery very exciting. I believe the photographer now has a medium that is as flexible as painting is to a painter. The photographer no longer has to accept what is in front of the camera as an end to his creativity. Digital tools now allow the photographer to work in a post-visualized direction that was once not possible." The Water Works images are a colorful dance of light and abstract fluid form, available in sizes up to 30 x 50. Each image is limited to twenty-five prints.

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